Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning is Required for Peak Performance of your Solar Panels and to maximise the efficiency of your Solar Power System.

Although Mr Vac is better known for our Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Services, we also specialise in Solar Panel Cleaning. Our team of professionals have many years experience in cleaning a variety of different solar panel structures and setups.

Here at Mr Vac we understand that your solar power system is a long term investment. We offer our solar panel cleaning services through Brisbane and the surrounding regions. Like any investment regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance are needed to maximise its efficiency and get the most out of your system.

Clean Solar Panels are more efficient and therefore allow the sunlight to generate as much power as they can. If your solar panels aren't as clean as they could be then you could be losing up to 25% of your electricity output due to a lack of sunlight absorption. The most common causes of dirty solar panels that effect your power output are as follows:

Traffic pollution
Bird droppings
Mould and mildew

All of the above contribute to preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels. The more dirt, the lower amount of electricity they will produce.

While it is possible for you to clean your own solar panels, there are many factors that contribute to a proper and thorough clean, while keeping your system in perfect condition.

Safety - first and foremost safety is the priority. As most solar panels are installed on rooftops, we are working with heights certified and have all the specialist equipment needed to safely clean your solar panels.

Time and Effort Required - Cleaning your solar panels may seem like a straight forward task, but to clean your solar panels properly you would have to spend a significant amount of time doing so. It is also a tedious and strenuous task that requires a lot of time and preparation.

Accidental Damage - Although solar panels are built to withstand the elements and extreme conditions, they are not indestructible. Using the wrong cleaning products or equipment can cause irreversible damage to your system, which then in turn and reduce the performance of your system.

Here at Mr Vac we are specialists in Solar Panel Cleaning, so leave it to us to ensure you get the most out of your Solar Power System. Hiring Mr Vac will give you peace of mind that your solar panels are being cleaned and maintained by the professionals.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance your solar power system will not be performing at its best. If you have made an investment in a Solar Power System its seems natural to invest in professional care and maintenance. Hiring the specialists is a small price to pay to keep your solar panels in top condition and maximise the return of your investment.

Dirty solar panels can lose their efficiency by up to 25%! So money spent now will definitely be money saved later.
After we're done, you'll notice the difference - and your solar power output will too!

Our Solar Panel cleaning services are great for maximising the effectiveness of your solar power system from the grit and build up of everyday living. If you would like to optimise the capabilities of your Solar Power, our Solar Panel cleaning services are something you can't afford to pass up.

So what's stopping you? Call us today for a free quote and you could have clean, fully effective solar panels as early as tomorrow.

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